Stepped Machanical Chuck

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Idea to save time and cost when uses different paper cores on shaft less applications in corrugating, sheeting, paper finishing or laminating. The unique design is extremely strong, easy to maintain and core-friendly. Not require removing the chuck from machine when use different sizes of paper cores, that means increase your productivity. Customised made are required.

Spring Type:
NEA 003- 3 x 6” (MAX LOAD 3” 1.5 TONES/PC)
NEA 003- 3 x 6” (MAX LOAD 6” 4 TONES/PC)

Rotary Type:
NEB 003-3 X 6” (MAX LOAD 3” 1.2 TONES/PC)
NEB 003-3 X 6” (MAX LOAD 6” 4 TONES/PC)
Standard sizes available for this Model are listed above, but are available in other sizes for a customer order. Also, PCD and length change are welcome.