Auto / manual photo electric edge controller

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EGC is a major control product that aromatically aligns the edge of webs. Many companies because of follows advantages have adopted them:

  • All movement of material made by uneven speed, pulling stress, material thickness or mechanical damage can be adjusted to the original position by this system.
  • Originally reserved material edge can be thus reduced to the minimum to save width of material to be added and reduce cost in material acquisition.
  • Increased production, eliminated personnel for watching material and money spent on adjustment of material deviation can also be eliminated so as to reduce your production cost.
  • Made your finished product edge smooth and the middle processing elevated of quality, additional value of finished product material increased with much appraisal of down stream customers.
  • EGC guides a wide range of materials, including : Plastic Films, Laminated Films, Fabrics, Coated Fabrics, Fiber Materials, Fiberglass, Metal Foils, Papers, Paper Boards. Also, EGC fits onto most type of web machinery, including: Rotogravure presses, Flexography presses. Web offset presses, Label presses, Business Form Presses, Slitters, Sheeters, Die cutters, Bag machines, Bag filling machines, Envelope machines, Laminators, Extruders, Coating machines, Blown film lines, etc.
The specification HC-HE as HC-HE 1 but with manual control switch to align stand position after material run off and set up.