DBG Series

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Easy to apply braking pressure by piping factory air pressure.
This Pneumatic Disc Brake has high heat resistance and is easy to install.
Suitable for paper making machines, wire drawing machines and amusement equipment.

As a type of economical brake, it can provide stably and effective power of braking.
The vertical installation can saves the space and the heat of rubbing surface can dissipate rapidly.
The friction part is easy to replace, and it does not contain any asbestos,
Brake-disc thickness covers from 10mm to 20mm.
To control the deceleration of moving parts for small
and medium powers, the best solution is the combination of
a brake disc with one or more pneumatic calipers.

Torque Formula :
Braking Torque (kgm) =Braking Force (kg) x Effective Disc Radius (Actual)(mm)
Size DBG 104 DBG 105
Maximum under overload 7 kg/cm² 7 kg/cm²
Compression ratio 0.74 0.74
Disc thickness 10 mm 10 mm
Disc O. D. mm 20↑ 20↑
Unit Weight 5.5 kg 6 kg
Torque versus Pressure
Size X Y φZ
DBG 104 18 145 142
DBG 105 36 160 177