Powder brake / clutch driver VA-816 Controller

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The controller of Magnetic Powder Brake/Clutch applies stable electricity to the magnetic coil in Brake/Clutch. When electricity passes through the magnetic coil, it will engender magnetic force to gather magnetic powder for transmitting torque. Under continual movement, torque will be transmitted accordingly. By controlling the flow of electric current, Brake/Clutch is controlled accurately to move or to stop the rolling process, in order to get the required tension control.

The design of Controller VA 816 series is based on direct ratio relationship between electricity and magnetic field. Furthermore, we have improved the treatment of temperature and sensitivity, after the adjustment of electrical circuit, Magnetic Brake/Clutch can get excellent performance of torque control and output.

  • Output range: 1.3A~6A, full style.
  • Auto feedback modification.
  • Precision, lower zero-draft, stability output.
  • High anti-interference casing.
  • Compatible with various powder clutch or brake.