Tension Controller– Feedback SystemTC-608P Control Panel

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The controller sets the material put-in and roll-up and the tension value required according to the actual production conditions.

608H adjusts the output command after comparing the settings with the value detected and returned by the Load Cell in order to change the braking force or the roll-up torque, automatically setting the actual tension to the preset tension, a high-precision tension control system.

  • high precision, high reliability
  • tension value may be set at: kg / N / LB by the user
  • digital design, unchanged characteristic
  • humanistic design, easy to operate
  • may be directly connected to LOAD CELL for input; Digitized zeroing and rate adjustment features for ease of operation.
  • output command multi-functional display including preset and actual tension values
  • possess the features of accelerating and decelerating master speed and augmentative delayed time output
  • parameter power outage memory function
  • able to initiate augmentative function, able to compensate static friction arising from initiating machine
  • tension reduction function at shutdown eliminates excessive tension