Powder Brakes Controller

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˙Adoption PWM mode control output provides accurate of voltage.
˙ Electron style design with small size, lights weights, easy of installation.
˙ Has voltage control, current limit, current limit outdated trip, short circuit trip, error to tie point output, fuse break etc preservation and indicated.
˙ Source voltages can select 110VAC or 220VAC.
˙ Has close style and open style product can choice.
˙OPEN : Device in distributor inner, external VR setting or linking up signal.
˙CLOSE : Device in face or hang machine side, direct of panel operates.Tension meter show in voltage and can change HI (24VDC) or LOW (13VDC) control.
˙ The design of new mode which improves tradition design shortcoming, quality more equability addition merit promoted.